The Iron wall

The iron wall is an ancient art. It was opened only by the one who could in itself knowledge scoop force, instead of stop on it and thus to find force to refuse that force, which was born in scooping. And then, when each time the man found force to scoop, and then found force to refuse that force, in the man was born the constancy, that vital ancient pole, pole of the world, on which is keeping all contrasts and balance of all creation. And when the man did not collide with this, and in one instant became a uniform chain, that means at consciousness level the man not till the end showed an instant of a spark of awakening in this essence. But he scooped forces from the little and then searched in himself that feeling, which opened to him is more strongly that he can not realize. At collision of these two essences, forces and knowledge of the reason, the man found a way in his feelings, and the soul was filled with small display of consciousness. In the man woke up the unlimited abilities and powerful force, and then the role of the man should find force not to scoop this instant, but to refuse. To refuse, force is necessary too and skill to feel it. And when the man found this feeling, woke up his force and essence which does not proceed from the world, and is born from his soul and moves to the large indestructible pole that holds all worlds.

The Iron wall is a board protecting all worlds and balance between them, that there is a harmony in the world and movement of all worlds in one world.

What the man learns in this art? At all we shall not begin from that that is not present. First is learnt display of the feelings, it means that the man realizes his sight on the world and then he studies how do not gather this sight with the world, but to scoop forces to open it and to learn depth of his feelings. Then the man studies to release his mind and in it there is an instant, that our ideas with feelings do not collide, and our talents are opened. It means the breath of soul and in this breath our mind has a rest, and in this rest is born a feeling, that does not force the man to go to misunderstanding. He feels that he itself is this and then he goes to that large and indestructible. It is the world, it is the universe.

The man, when peered at the world, opened it and found his moment in it and then was born, as spoke ancient dragons, that true, which is intended for all. And here depth, that after a difficult way, overcoming his difficulties, the man overcame his depths, and then the spark burned, and the man felt in itself that there is a breath of soul. And here is one moment and disclosing of spiritual force in itself. Then ours "I" peering in the world, learning all worlds, it moves through a difficult way, not breaking his true but keeping this cleanliness. Learning itself, the truth was in itself and true is that moment. For this true it is necessary to stand to protect cleanliness of your board, it is a pole, talent to realize the art of universe, the wall, that protects true, truth. And who realizes a wall does not collide with it but is transformed in a vent and in that place appear the board, protecting world from both parties, from inside to outside and from outside to inside.

Who has learnt the world - that has learnt itself. In itself knowledge having opened a nature that is in the world it is possible to wake the talent to help the Universe in one point. You help it to keep your balance. And then, when the small drop of large Universe, living in it, helps it, it is the considerable help, when the depth of yours "I" learns the breath of the world and the heart of creation is born in you, to feel not a pain but compassion to this pain, to help another as well as itself. It is the main pain of the world. It gives forces to resist to the shattering difficulties and to overcome crisis. It is compassion of the world. This is the truth that is an iron pole - indestructible force to resist and to scoop. And who has learnt a wall became a pole, wall, the compassion proceeds from him and he moves to a pain, learns the world. In this is a force, and there is a talent to scoop, to learn and to release knowledge. You let for yourselves and in this is a truth, that the second step of scooping is scoop and let release for others.

The wall teaches us not to break and to destroy but to resist against destruction. It is that collision that changes us, destroying, or we resist and overcome. And then the forces in themselves are necessary to find and to release that force, which was born from overcoming collision. This is that moment of that truth that we change so, as well as always changed, but thus there is a balance, balance, that does not destroy us and does not destroy others. We resist the truth and this is the true that it does not rush between soul and body, between one world and another. Then there is a harmony all over the world, uniform and all this uniform it is all worlds that there are around us, it is that we learn inside us. So we grow in this world, and all grows around. All breathes, and the breath of the world it is clergy and that large and indestructible spirit.