Development of technology:

What is a technology - it is a language of the body, that opens the energetic level of our internal condition, and as our condition spills that internal outside and with this we learn natural elements. We find the elements in work with a tree, metal, water, ground and fire. Opening our language of the body, we orient our condition to outlook and through special technology we do not collide with these elements but we learn them. With the help of the master we learn the magic of Nature and the master shows a special course, giving language of the body, knitting the way, and with this technology to join with elements and to open itself. And when the schoolboy opens himself he feels with what the nature and he breathe. It is the first stage and first step and then master teaches how to develop the skill and helps, slightly directing the schoolboy to skill, that the schoolboy was not confused but opened the steps and saw depth of his discoveries and has learned to breathe by this depth.

The depth is talent. The man is helped to open it and teach not how to see it but how to not lose it in vain, to fill itself with knowledge and to empty, to find forces for other knowledge and to fill that emptiness. It is steps of skill, when we feel the energetic balance with this balance we move in the step with the nature, learning her, we learn ourselves. It means that the Iron wall helps us to open inside ourselves that is around of us. Learning the world, we create steps and we learn ourselves. So we become magicians in ours displays of energy and when we can release these of energy, we become that energy, only for to go to another. It is the way of the master to the skill. It is infinity, which conducts to inexistence. So we collect experience to acquaint that is in us, around of us. So we learn and in this way we acquaint the teacher, and he gives us the step, releases, teaches to show in ourselves the meditation way.

What is the meditation and what is the trance. What operates us and what we operate. What remains to us and what was took from us with our help. It means that exist a force, which gives to force, it means, that there is a nature and master. The master receives from the nature the permission to be accepted, to accept others to learn to resist and to find his trance that is in meditation work, that there is a condition brought by meditation work, in disclosing the feelings and talents in work with elements, which surround us and have connections between them.

There is one balance - the nature, which gives air, water and food. It is her breath to us. Living in this balance, in us the unity in her, breath and moment is shown. The nature has the talent to give life, and we have talent to take and to give back to another. In this we are uniform with her. This is the step in kung-fu of Eternal Dragon, to open the talents of others and to help to resist in the difficulties and to overcome crisis that the crisis has not passed to another and was not valid to open itself in all and in everybody. One can open in himself and to stop that crisis do not pass from him to another. This is the knowledge of an Iron wall and cleanliness of Eternal Dragon in the talent to be. It is his I and he will help everyone to find in his bell, that there is our reason to touch soul, that connects us to spirit, and we become in it. It is the pole of the Dragon. It teaches through lot of knowledge not simply to wave with hands but to beat with the fist. It teaches that we do not knock but join to the nature and learn what the cruelty of this nature is. It is not crisis. It is true that does not push us but connects. This is the art of inexistence how to flit on the world to find the steps and to give rise in itself rigid energy, the Dragon by this rigidity helps another, and you will learn to help yourselves and if you are not avaricious to help the closes.

These terms include work in rigid exercises and in this rigidity, that are contacts, and what are connections with elements as a tree, iron or water, and that there is it in our movements in a direction of kung-fu to develop the talent, do not break, do not destroy and to not go to destruction.