Social partnership

- Cooperation with various public organizations directed on association of efforts and rendering of mutual aid with the purpose of development of spiritual potential of the society;
- Cooperation with organizations directed on rendering assistance and support to social - unsuccessful layers of the population (orphan, invalids, drags, elderly people);
- Participation and organization of joint measures directed on development of spiritual potential and support of a healthy image of the life.

Search and cooperation with spiritually gifted people

-  Support of the gifted people in development and display of the internal spiritual forces;
-  Help the gifted people in development of own activity in the field of rendering spiritual support and spiritual - physical recovery.

Training and consultation

- Rendering assistance in disclosing and development of individual spiritual abilities of the man;
- Rendering assistance in psychical-physical recovery, training with methods of spiritual - physical auto regulation and disclosing of potential internal "I";
- Advisory help in harmonization area of social - mental life of the man (personal happiness, decision of family and social life problems).

Literary - educational activity

- Publication of the books and clauses;
- Organization of conferences and seminars etc...

Support of business and well-being in businesses

It is possible to help and strengthen the man, that is or to depart from troubles and to give force to not collide with them, and to find the further step, that good luck has become more stronger, and that the place of failure was not near the business. That were not created situations around which would result in crisis of your business. And the business can be in various situations which can affect your business not in your advantage but in destruction of your business.

It is possible to help to strengthen or to give force even for other business and to help with protection, to protect that business which exists and what can be drawn. To protect from enemies and also to eradicate that exists, by eradication of forces from them to influence shatteringly the environment. It means that he has not desire to destroy something and find not force to destroy that is or that can be in the further. It means that it is possible to protect from present enemies and to find force of protection, that in the future will not be collected in others the desire to destroy your business and this force will stop them, and they will go away. It is when the man has got used to do badly, he will find whom to do but when the man is strong he can reflect his bad and he is compelled to go to weak. But are weakness, when the man can not achieve something and does not have enemies, it means also that for stronger it is possible to help open his potential, that prevents inside him, he will feel and it is possible so to help the man in the further steps. To give protection and attraction to new businesses, and to protect from the unsuccessful moments, which harm to common business and create obstacles, have normalization in business.

We will be glad to help you in your way.