School opened by the Dragon for the schoolboys or simple people

I shall be glad to accept the schoolboys and I shall be pleased, if simple the people not having desire to study at my school will read my letter. Be not angry it is the first advice. And if want to receive the second advice, without any obligations, you can ask. I shall be glad to help with advice - it means that when two think at the same time they can more easily together overcome the difficulty.
It speaks that I write the letter for all. I'm not the religious fanatic also do not serve an idol. I shall tell only that I believe in that that is, as though it was not difficult to stand before the people for this truth. You couldn't push the life. And so this truth stands together with life. I wish that in acquaintance to me we did not put prejudices of misunderstanding, from this there will be only one - alienation, unwillingness and spent time for nothing. Yours. Not mine. I also shall be pleased if I shall touch the greed, that instead of you to be glad for of us. Be happy - this is my desire. That breaks your life and all around, it is soulless and it cannot be accepted. This is nothing. And anything, as it loudly did not sound, I will also name it anything, because the man, if can not understand, and only understands his, and when collides with other understanding does not find the essence to understand another. He can understand another only up to one moment. Only before he exists, and if he will see where there is another and does not want to understand only from promptings, that he is that another and does not enter into his framework and will begin unconditionally reject it. Therefore you overcome some difficulties, and some break you, and that that you have overcome after it has broken you, you hardly could bring.
Why you study from each other in your in life, situation because of a piece of bread - this is a business and improving it you race who will be the first to be first, that second or third saw that he should overcome an obstacle, and if he can not understand how he will remain on the same place, in impasse. The impasse will be that who is the first and it includes sense: who is main, who is rich. In what wisdom consist? Who has acquired more, who has read more he has the authority to be above another. And when is born the impasse for another, that he can not overcome his difficulties only because had not time to be first, to read a lot and to create that has created another.
It means that the man recognizes a defeat, when sees, that the place before him is engaged. That speaks him that has not choice, and he chooses on circumstances. But outcome is one, if you are not the first and not the best.
It means that we try to overcome something, and if not, with hard we recognize that it should be so. But we do not give up. In our place we begin to be first before someone with our small achievement, before that who yet has not overcome it. Then our lacks are born to decline and to stop another, and also as he declined, he declines also others - it is your lesson.
Therefore who would not read this letter I will be glad. You try also not to be glad in my side, but to be glad for the neighbour or for the brother that has success. I wish you also, that in exchange without any obligations, even if you will not see and will not hear that the neighbor or brother was glad gratuitously for you just from soul. And let it when is difficult and some help is necessary, I wish that you have helped each other. Without demand without regret, just simple from soul, and the price for this - love for your house, your children, natives, closes and friends, unfamiliar that live near you. That when you casually will meet in a case that he breathed not by hatred but with well-being and that he has connected you.
So are born closes, natives and friends. And then our neighbor is not an enemy but someone who brings us pleasure, interest to meet and to communicate and best destiny is nothing to hide before each other, within the framework of legal. To glad each other and here I shall tell praise to the God and all that I find. If someone will meet me let this collision to bring you only pleasure. This sense is the infinity, his name is immortality, and Dragon has this sight.
I, Eternal Dragon, wait for you with pleasure and I live with you each day. Not pleasure I wait. Pleasure is my moment that I want to overcome, without barriers, without obstacles how difficult it was not. I will race not to be the first that not to be the second, because the second has to search the third, that before him to be the first and do not feel, what declines me, what breaks that not switch off the flame of hatred on itself, but on other. The first afraid of nothing, he hasn't the barriers, he itself is a barrier, and the second has only one barrier, how to find the third and to be a barrier for him. I do not want to participate in this. And I live in one, to overcome all my difficulties and to hope only on God. Not ask him to overcome my difficulties but to overcome them myself. And hope that he will help me and will give permission to help another to overcome their difficulties so that it has taught you to not be broken and not to break.
It is integrity of the world. It also is a sphere of Dragon. Infinity and immortality. It is his unity. And he is peaceful disposition to everything, in your house, in your body, that you in your house were the owner, and the body that has found that divinity that is in the nature, the unity that pulls you together, integrity, not of fractures, not of sick, received from each other, and spiritual pleasure.
I wish to you the rest - it is an owner of a house. We do not serve him, he allows us to be owner. And in this rest we should please, and the silence is filled, with pleasure. It is the law of your body and souls. And then you will feel that there is a spirit of acceptance, to be accepted and to accept others.
I not abuse the God. Anger before each other abuse him. Then you make your destiny that the owner in the house is your rage on a situation, on something and here is the question, who is the owner of your body, that rest and pleasure of your soul or infinite sufferings and anything? Where you are? Where you are? The angels of pleasure! So you probably should shout in mind. And in turn out of hatred I hear only about dogs, which hate the rest of a house, rest of a body and soul that is in unity, in harmony with all. It is the destiny of God and everyone has the right. Where you push the right? To each other? But with what? By that you also become, accept the destiny, and you carry before your face before all God's praise and that that pulls together everybody, there is a clergy of all times, all peoples and all worlds. That the God has wished and has given to us, also we should wish and bring each other. It is the gift of God - to please the father for his gift to us with gift for him. It is our house. He has accepted us from himself and we should not wait from each other but also like him give back each other, openly and unselfish - the same love to your son or daughter, but before them, that the wife has accepted the love openly.
And in what is the true? That is open without fear, when two approach to face to the God, to carry love each other, without self-interest, without fear of a deceit, and with open love. It is the destiny of God. And live with this peaceful disposition as god has given to the world. It is a symbol of Dragon - peaceful disposition by all.
I will be glad that you will read my letter. I will be glad to reply you if you will have the desire to communicate in rest and silence. Maybe there we will find the consent. The distance does not matter, time is not divided. All there is our house and in one second, I can be there, you can be here, and in the same second to be everywhere. It is that silence and that rest, where we can find the consent and perfection, to overcome the difficulties, to understand each other openly without hidden. We are not guests in our house. We are not housebreakers. Let's behave as owners. And there will be a destiny of the Creator - the harmony for the world and peaceful disposition for all.

I'll continue my letter with story about me and my way.
I was born in Moldova in 26 of April 1973. At my child level I begin to feel and show my energy and growing up with every year I began to realize world and my essence in this world.
At the beginning I seemed that all in this world are the same as me, but since time I became to feel that people around me are others to the whole and to itself.
Approximately at age of five years I began to feel manifestation of my birth, essence of the people and whole that surrounded me, and then was born torment. And this was my glance and step was born in my glance. I began to understand that they see and don't see in its world, and that real comes of them. And then was born the desire, and this desire was to stop the pain of others, that suffering didn't stop one feeling in folk - a QUIETNESS. This is the first feeling and it open all limits of the liberty, but these limits was formed by gravity, and the desire to fight with this was born in my glance, to help the feeling not to face the pain, destroying all, and not allowing other destroy itself, and that person itself could go with love. And that pain of this world, depth of the losses, didn't select from person his divinity, to stand firm and hold it.
And when person have stood firm and has held, he will not return the pain of the destructions and that prodigy will be born in this moment, that there is spark, which does not burn, but always brightly blazed, and when person touches with this, he becomes that light itself. This and there is that prodigy, when person finding freedom, can give and other person to find it. The freedom given us by creator as strong spark of burning is the birth of the world, the whole that in this world exist. The family, being main pylon of this world, which we must hold, holding it we'll find our hand. This and there is flicker, burning near by creator. When see as family - a piece of the world, conks on root as small pieces and these pieces there are our malice and unconsciousness, here is when pain show, as it have shown me what is a whole piece. As one family in this world, each family is a piece of whole - and there is the unity of the world. For this entire world that each of us was given, seen that person loses it, was born my desire, and this desire opened me one feeling. I didn't saw inside my desire, I have seen my own feelings that I do not want to stop, and I have understood what is the stop for me. But this is not my - a pain of the whole world and a feeling was born in this desire, which doesn't stop me till today.
All that there is imperishable - there is unity, and for this we stand. I can't say that I'm alone. One is God, and all that surrounds him, where we exist. So I can not say that I'm alone. I'm warmed by feeling and my feeling belong to him. Each day I give the joy and with feeling warming one, who gave birth all these lights. And bearing for myself, I can give for other this joy to help him to find a harmony. This is the drop of freedom and if we will collect all drops, this will draw us near to God through our compassion. So liberty is valued with that price that is inside of each, in his soul or that he wants to find. This quietness, in which lives the joy and rejoices, there is love and little time will stand firm there sadness. Liberty not to bias, you can give it and if people will not give, that then tear will fall with sadness, but joy will stand firm. But people only sometimes believe in this quietness, they every time bias its soul along with tear, and tear in fall become us, and we then do not lose its, but find. And finding pain, we little believe that liberty hasn't a door, closing before her with unwillingness and heartlessness we stale before feelings and only soul does hurt and our tears washed our heartless thoughts.
I do not want speak much, having said a great deal, I shall not tire to write, I do not want that you have tired to read. I hope not on that, you will read, but on that you will feel and then, the person can take and read little and see that considerable, and this considerable there is in each.
This is a first symbol of the purity amongst us. When we get acquainted, we feel confidence and from these impetuses, I write openly. I did not change and opened remained, simply you, where you not open, will less understandable, about that that I want to say in acquaintance with you through letter.
I do not wait, and did not wait, but with patience I gave and never in lieu did not search to return that I gave. Only one pain was for all, and every time, breath with soul, wanted to return all that they breathed and not to see, that fall all underfoot. And I shall go what painfully it will be. There is one hunt - my desire, this is my spark, this is my eye, that is all I have for quietness all over the world, and love there bloomed, and this garden was in us and beside. And love - is peace for all.
With this I wanted to say that I have a desire to communicate with people, which search for, or find, or have found that there is in all. We only can open this, but not for all of us is given to move this, who moves, that him is given to find flight and in this flight to give all. To each has taken or has found, or has found, that quietness, which brings him in harmony with nature. And live in harmonies with nature, he will not consider time, insofar he has forfeited it, but will find, that feeling insofar he has found returning. This is a grant, but not each is given to grant others.
I want to find an understanding with you and in contact to hear if there is that approach us to get acquainted and hear each other, main important to exist a confidence. Telling about myself, I do not go in craft as to greed of this world, I can not look that people biased head before they self, refuse to be and live. Terribly that in house of Good lives pain in each family. I not everywhere have time to, but I'll try, how much I shall be able not even mention in myself weakness, as well as acknowledge, lowering hands before Creator that life doesn't exist.
I'm interested to communicate with people, who understand and take such essence. I do not search; I have found, and do not stop look at myself, that I have. I shall search always in other that he loses and that presses him, and then I'll obtain quietness, when Father and we shall be a unity. And this already will not be a spark, but big fire, near by the greatest house. And his name will be the Temple of Love. There will rejoice father and we, his creatures.
This Temple long ago already exists, but children can not find way to home, not realizing that are not ways. Life is not a road, but a moment. Each second in this moment, each day and all years - are a moment of the universe. We have to do only one step and we will be in the Temple. But not like we will thing, as we do the step. Then we lose time, second, day, years on that we were in finding of our self, on misappropriations that we shall hear and all know, and every time understand that we see before eyes, but not realize till the end, but only touch for a moment - that there is all. And instead of to do the step, we argue with life that is no legs, but hands either as couldn't be. We divided our self as fifty-fifty, between desire and that, what we have not. And remain only with that we have in hands. Somebody with bread, somebody with water and this is enough for us, but we divide all that does not concern us, like we live with nothing beside us. We can think only about food and instead of step we live, as it is. But to see that there is, look around. Somebody has hate, or the desire to be on all or most beauty or rich man or clever, thinking about itself that they know anything. What we provide with our self? With that, that connects us - a life. In life, instead of that we found that is integer in us, we share with our glance - whose hand are honour and whose step is more open. And then we shall notice that in step with our life finds our essence, and our step - our desire, our glance. But our glance does not see that instead of us stride, mode instead of women and greed instead of us. Who sees, where beauty is and where fraud in people are. Someone cry because of piece of bread that was not got at dinner child, but maybe someone cry that he in business has lost the coach of the cigarettes.
I can say on this - that people live so. Yes they live so, and I love their. I see them in Temple, rejoicing and not crying. When I see the tears, this is like a child got lost and he's afraid. This awe is with me from childhood that someone hasn't that that there is in all. The water has land, the land has water, mother has children and Father has all of us. He cries too that people can not keep the branch and are biased to tear. And the child grows big in his family but beside his parents indicate him on the world not with they have, but with they haven't. Adult feel sadness and cry in depth oh his souls that their child hasn't something, but what he hasn't, he will hear, when at dinner - bread comes short, and his neighbour has all. Then he feels sadness because his clothes are torn and he couldn't change them. This is a simplest formula of the life. But someone between they argue who of them is stronger, what religion is right and whose word in this right, naming God fate, and that there is truth in the word and in our actions. And all yell that truth is with them, and that they have right, but they do not hear that yells the wind. But maybe he yells like - stop, why you have separate life in who from you can, but who doesn't. Beside you are people, who get lost in this, living in peace at home someone of you, give it. Why you become on them that you are smarter and stronger in the word. Why you do not see that wind is stronger, not that it blows; but that it is not divided with water; with the land; with us that he goes to the God nothing exist around. All around are lied or lie. He simply blows and this and there is he. That in simplicity it has taken its and all that there is around. Only we, standing on place, cry and not even noticing the sing, that wind brought at the distant from birds. We are occupied with cry that yells in our direction from others, who is right and who isn't and goes the fight. Somebody lose his hands for truth, somebody legs for step. People simply separated the life fifty-fifty. They do not see that wind cry because anxiety that goes the war between body and soul. Goes the blizzard and blizzard will break all saint.
The light is a paradise. So the people name that this is somewhere. But in their world they litter everywhere. In conscience, in soul, in fraud or swear that this is true, on their own children, putting the coin of health that he not fraud, and swear to other that he is rights. Right there is the blizzard that people hide in awe from itself and from other that weakness, which are named open, honest and loving world.
When you will be in rest? This is not question. This is the tears of winds, which blows and brings us shout of the birds. We do not hear the sing, we got accustomed that we yell and through this see that all yell. We hear only the sound, but hate and greed disturb the reason to breathe the full bosom of the air from feeling. And prodigy of the world is in this that heard even birds and all around as people don't moan, but sing. The birds sing that had provender his child and sit on branch and yells in rumour what they are. The tree, when grow up - swings owing to winds and this is its song. But we do not see that it too sings we see that it only swings and squeaks. That is why we do not hear, as branches clamour, and as sheets fall. We don't see anything. It does not concern us. We are occupied with don't mix up the masks before each other. This is like in theatre. The man shows others, who somehow were one time. But person learned that he, not being in this, doesn't know how this is. But he put before himself and before others what he can, that he is clever and beautiful. Why we must show this. Really we don't have this? Probably we don't. People can't be opened. At the first they use to hide, afterwards show another and be afraid for that, that someone has not heard who you really are. And whole our life goes on in awe before the other person. There gets the love under blow. We play with life, as in theatre; afterwards we yell that life doesn't exist. And so yells all football fans that someone passes a goal, but in neighbourhood someone yells that on their house fell the bomb, and destroyed it. Being in guest, maybe at studying in another country, he prepared to earn the piece of bread, but they, who have grow up him, don't exist more. There yells that goal and are irritated that not in that gates, but here yells the pain and with full hate, he biases its daydream to that lethal play that brings us in lieu thereof the desire of the blow in the other side, whence came to his house. Somebody feels well, he does not see this, but someone come home from schools, and the bomb is in his house - a drunken or a drug parent's. Or contrary the bomb has knocked in the other side and he's doped from all of this. And then what will be born? The Pain and hate are divided fifty-fifty. The parents hate and throw only thought in that side, whence he has found all this, but don't get till the end because he could find from friend, but whence his friend has got, couldn't see. Either as in the tale with house detonated by bomb, we will not find whence this comes. Many of us yells that they are right, but some have time to give each other that bomb or at the end of the soccer match with bottle on head, or crash each other faces after completion of the match, in honour of adversary goals. They need the motive to make free the beast, that he with their hand and their world destroyed them. But people fight not only in football, but also in hockey and in different religions. The muddles come from changes. Or the government has changed, or other president has come. What is changed? Nothing changes. Simply the people find here a motive to free the beast. And create from their hands a bow of hate and this bow are for him. With our legs and hands we leave around us nothing. We press, press, press and in quest of life we live.
The life is like a theatre. Who well puts the mask that had all. But not only is he protected by beast, but also who has nothing. They both bow only him and destroy with hate to one another even their own children.

Here is that yells the wind, bring to us rustle of sheets and sings of the birds. Here is life, he yells. Why you do not rejoice, but yell. But what in hate is possible to yell? People do not feel as all are changing. The shout of the nature from our sides is when seed of the ill is divided on fifty-fifty and then enters the law of curtain.
And people, instead of lose time in vain, spend it on that, as more to fraud anonymously, and fight who is right. And the curtain is already a thick layer of greed, hypocrisies and heartlessness. And so the man has separated itself and destroy its soul on this, he does not stop, but destroy all that speaks his soul, and found motives to put the other friend against friend. What is between, because they do not find the quietness. Is possible to describe the evil? We will begin to indicate on each other, and will yell that he has destroyed the house. Just listen two mans as they are not own, but foreigners. That is between them? When they will understand that between them is a house, the temple of love, where reposes the God after miraculous creation. But we only yell about who is right and who is guilty. When we will stop and obtain? God did not give all? Why search for, when all is in hands. We are like soulless, and in searching for we are cruel that someone disturb us to find the soul. And we are irritated on all, and abuse the God with words. When he hasn't enough bread for children at the dinner, we accuse he in unfairness that the neighbour has. And all has motives, and ask each other, why God allows so.
When we will stop and obtain that has each other - a soul and body. To fill the soul with love, and with manifestation of their own feelings, people gift the love and joy, as itself, so and others. And then people will see what sees the birds what sees the world in that simplicity that before eyes stands the world and we are in him. When our shout wake up not hate, but joy that approaches people and does not force to hide, that disturb you, and you will not be afraid that you will be pushed there. But you will help to each other to stand firm in weakness and hold power up and don't put down the hand, but brightly blazed with feeling from soul.
And that these lights were filled by eternity and lives in God house, near by him. So blaze two worlds He and his creation. This lights of truth in one, that world is unity and he is in all. So blazes only one fire. As he did not divide on weakness, we must take that, how much worlds was not - there is only one world, the world of father. How much religion was not, they speak us that God is only one and we are unity in him. He gave us all and each of us is part of all. That is why we must not press other as well as itself. That is our temple. This is the right to be and be identified the Creation of Creator. The Creator created all, but each of us creates, and this we return to the Creator as gift. He gave each us in hands joy and quietness, but we ruin each other and live in this. Here is what gift we give him - an anxiety that children do not love his house, because they do not fit with all that they carry in it. People afraid of truths, and so lose time to reveal, who of them are rights, and in this leaves all: and time, and distributed feeling, and love. And will not return the ruined souls by torment from others and they do not stop to press until appear truth, instead of them and will settle a dispute between them, who is right and who is guilty, but afterwards each will get deservedly. But who will remember, how to do that they did not face with each other.
God did not give us the soul, but we necessity something else. But while soul is in finding, we ruin it. And we ruin that moments, with that soul breathe else. And will come the moment that we already will not have what to hide, we simply will not be afraid to love, we will proudly hate.
But in the theatre only one law is - popularity, and this is on the first place. Even as to fights after football and wars. Afterwards will be popular not to kill, but be a murderer. The popularity is the machine devouring all.
For us is difficult the creation of that prodigy, shining from hands - there is truth and it blazes clear. This is the fire of liberty, which brings only joy to each other and this is the grant for Father that he sees the flower, rising near between you and me and him. As we warm beside his fire, as well as he warm beside our. This is the family - unity of this world. We just must learn not to divide the fire fifty-fifty and kindle in each other the anger, as well as in ourselves. But must be one fire in all, in us and near by us. And then we shall feel the God's fate of the creator that he has not separated all, but has collected and gave all life and quietness. And each can receive it unless will not only see, but will breathe and show with all his feelings that God is in all. And then we will complement our place in emptiness, and will born one fire from two - the Creator and Creation. And this fire is not only your world, but if collect everybody, how much they were not, they will not divide each other, who of them is strongest, who brightest and who dimmest, this will be one fire. And will born in the universe the Temple of Love with all lights in one, and we will fill the emptiness with ourselves, like God has filled for all.

Children come to peace, do not beat your time, whip will overtakes also your children's. You have not tired to cry? When you will begin to joy? Who have said you that truth doesn't exist? Really wind does not bring to you the drone of the birds? This shows us that there exists life. Only this shows us that we exist too. So was born the consciousness that we are not alone. Been born from mothers belly, we recognise our family, with our eyes we see the first step, manifestation of that that joys us with songs, weasels and fairy tales before sleep. So let this fairy tale does not be something somewhere. Let this fairy tale to be about that that is here. Why child sees well, only in daydream, when tell him fairy tale he mentally sinks there. When this submersion will not need that we spent time, but not for children rejoiced, but only for that, when will grow, they will become staler, only because of fairy tales, that this doesn't exist. This will be a first step to that that he will believe as all, that world doesn't exist, and will not exist, and it is necessary to play the theatre and go abreast with others. Here is where beats the whip of time. And we are not guilty before each others. The blame is behind, and we already became victims of the other blame. We simply do not notice that from our hands the blame is carried by our children. Like this whip of time beats from past in present, but until future came the man lose it in the present, and loss as well as in past are filled in the future because in we are not in the present time. There is only that someone has loosed in the past, but we learned in the same way, be loosed before future and past. And all lost is divided: on us, as it was divided on them, and from us will be divided to others, as came to us this fission from others.

So was born in me at present to show the step and help other show it in itself. I want, that manifestation of my step was not only the opening of the school, but that school breathed that clean power that when person begins to learn, he consolidates itself all essence and this essence infused him power, fortification of itself and revealing itself the way of its life. For that school did not teach how live, but that it help to stand firm to difficulties, don't break yourself and others. I want to introduce the people with nature though we live beside; we only should to come out of home and with our presence to feel the nature, rather then feel our absence in her. Though we are integer part, but only our reason a little - a little does not feel this integer, and this disturbs us to be filled, and where we have no power, we are filled with unwillingness, inability, incomprehension and mistrust. Life brings to us the doctrines, and on slightly, we have lost a part of ourselves, a part of a nature and we are absent in that moment, when we should receive from life more love, we give her more hatred. To learn is possible only in harmony with nature. So we can feel our spiritual powers, and this is given to us for did not get lost in vain the life, but was filled with our actions, our joy, our truth and this truth near the nature are the harmony. We are one integer and the truth couldn't be divided. So I have found powers and desire to help people with nature contact, realize it and itself. Only through it, the man walk balanced and does not lose his thought on who better teaches, who better writes and who better gives the program. So is possible to get lost amongst these programs. I am not insured from incomprehension, but people remain to have feelings, which suffer in silence and with this silence they describe their own thoughts and with many are possible to find that outpouring with nature. Throughout the nature we do not teach, each other, but we help nature, through mouth to bring to people, to their reason that there is divinity, that there is peace and that there is all in this peace. Really nature hides something from us? Mother never will forget her child. She will give him food, will becalm and will be born in silence hope for the man. The hope is filled with fire of joy and man begins to cull power not in quest, but in resolve of his own difficulties, to find its daydream in hand. And then the person will joy twice that he could with his power, gift the hope with his daydream and daydream gift the man with joy filling all that there is around. And then are lighted the lights of the glory. What person lighted by his inspiration and around him this inspiration has found the divinity that people say LIFE. Blazes the life around from itself, and you are not light off because turn off the light means to stop his daydream in sadness and heartless disbelieve in all. The Nature can help, and also we her, not only with our presence, but with joy that fills in us life, and that we give unselfish. That is miracle manifestation for everybody. This there is gift. Possible named as talent. Only this talent can open the liberty for the person and break all frames around. Everybody has his talent. Through it we communicate with life, and she communicates with us. So was born one more desire to help the people, facing with school that not only exist the fists, legs, craft of the weapon - this life do not teach us. With this we ruin us. Through words we communicate with each other and through they go the thought to one another. So we raise each other and trough communication we understand what link us or simply live. There is much ways. But not one way will reveal the talent to manifest them in the universe. While the man itself does not learn, how open itself, feel that there is all around and realize that he itself is in this. When he begins to understand, though he need help in this, but a few in this can help. So people, facing with fraudulently, begin to disbelieve in all. Is difficult to discuss about something with such people, probably only about that essence in which he is interest. But also through this, not telling him directly is possible obliquely, through his dialect, draw him the picture that not only money solve all, but and when desire and miraculous moment of the faith, rescues our souls from heartlessness and sullen faces. I want to teach the people to rejoice not only by anecdotes and comedy film, or gained money or new car. I want to teach, being child in world eyes that each can be there, but this is not far inside of his subconscious to feel the life, as feels the child - rejoicing. We must not feel ourselves as child, but already is necessary to teach adult how don't be stale. Only, the children are born with joy, but afterwards all teaches their how disbelieve in this but showing them that we obtain pleases from money and that with them we can buy everything. And when we are short of money we are in sadness. And what then becomes the man in this life? He inspires thing with his desire, his daydream and he is joy while it exist, but when it is not, all around him is not important while he does not obtain it. Sometimes he can not find whole life, and that is most terrible that in whole his life can rejoice only when is disconnected through alcohol, drugs, films and different anecdotes on get drunk head. But where real daydream is? I do not say that we do not need be dressed that we must not buy cars or be wealth. This is for us to be dressed and not hungry. But where we all go dressed and not hungry? Somebody go where they want, but somebody has little possibilities. And nobody knows yet in general that it is necessary, and wants only that it is necessary for him. To dress, to eat and he becalms itself that today lives happy. I joy that they rejoice, but he is like machine, which does the machines or factory producing things. It rejoices that has produced a lot, it doesn't has other joys, but man rejoices that has everything, and is unclear that is thing and what is the man with this thing. For this kind of man is difficult to open what is life. With power will not oblige to feel the alive side, but that artificial generated by us, enslaves our head, and we become a thing for some time, but sometimes this time is hole life. How to stop yourself? That when we win all our own difficulties that we remain ourselves, and for new difficulties, which we must win, we do not lose the life in vain, but find strong and bright will, powerful desire that all around is not music of sadness. And we only have to want, and we together in one tone overcome sadness and difficulties, became stronger to remain ourselves and did not cry about loses, but on the contrary rejoice that we can hold and win a lot. And then from us will sing the music of power, and power will not comes from our hands that we can not go, but will sprout upwards and will be able to help others, to win their difficulties, confirm itself and get ready to do new steps, like grow up trees and flowers. They come out from land and grow to sun, and after they remain the way from their hands and for others.
Help others? Do not scare that it is necessary to go and persuade everybody, to everybody means to our closers. Most important is to help our seeds, our child. He goes beside, learns from you. By nature is accepted in love generate new life. Who will take care of child while he grows? I want that you were dressed and don't feel hungry, and be able to dress and give food to the child and to teach that in life is possible to win all. The main is don't lose the divinity that you has found, that gives us life, pure love and joy and in purity to joy others. Love all that touch to your child and then and he will touch this that will touch to his children. We will consolidate and be consolidated, do not break but create, that will be where walk, stop, repose and realize our place and time, and did not lose the moment. Who has felt the moment has felt the drop of the world and itself became it. Having been sated, he will help and other, when he needs the help, in the same way he will return and others.

The Kung-fu school opens its moment to teach overcome the weaknesses and difficulties, to leave something for others. But at the beginning they are ahead us, our children. Let's teach them be stronger, but shall begin with ourselves. I want that school help to revive the talent and it began to stretches upwards, overcoming its difficulties. And afterwards these difficulties from us did not go to others. It is necessary to leave behind us a hand of help, but such that we ourselves learn to move in difficulties overcoming. And so our child learns to be near, not culling our powers, but revealing his own. He will see that if his father or mother has been able without somebody help overcome difficulties and remain himself, and will see that they rejoice but isn't irritated on life. Then he will learn, and will see that life fills us with love, and sincere silence. The silence he will take from you and in this will grow and the quietness will fill us in harmonies with nature and the son or daughter will understand what are mother and father. And afterwards they will get ready to overcome his difficulties and in the same way gift the silence. And this silence is quietness which we search for. Only it is necessary something to do but didn't do all harum-scarum and don't feel how much it is necessary, how is necessary not even wanting feel this. But afterwards, be angry on the life because we have forfeited something. Who is guilty - parents or all around us? But indeed the blinds feel more. But don't be blind, ill just be well. The God gave us with health the feelings. But why we lag behind with feeling and get lost with one step from blind. We do not appreciate that we have. But the price for that God gave us, must not be - hate on life and guilt everybody in this. I do not want to be a God, but let's help him with that we quiet down, and quiet down who's near us and will be quietness in whole world, in our house and the God will rejoice.

Really is not miraculous the thunder. The life brings us this joy. He yells the sing about lives, and the cup is filled in all. Birds bring the life to their nestlings, but we together are all that there is in this world and this is not divided in any lesson. The life is the moment; spark - your time, but that is lighted in this time - is you. And then you are not in finding, but furrowing through all yours difficulties. Overcoming it, we create the spark, this is our lightning and through this we open time for our children. This is the line, the way, which we furrow to reach that perfection that is when north and south, west and orient do not face, but unite. And then will be born the flow that brings us and winds and lightings and rain and harvest. Let's saturate the cup with ourselves that we ask for, that not in vain thunder sang, about one fire. This fire immortal is, endless he fills whole emptiness and there even in our head, he and there fills all. World breathing is when two worlds have found one that has connected them, has manifest them, and when they overcome their, they will return thanks to God, for that world, in which you are and for all worlds that there is around us.

I want that school develops even though it is difficult for me. When go itself, it is not difficult, when go to others, too possible overcome, I want teach many. And school teaches how overcome not own difficulties, but how to feel in your difficulty the acerbity, and losing softness we lose our step and we can not move, pull with hand and pull all under us. Easy comes without to pass only that broke us, to bring others not to stretch, but pull and not move, but that moves only that broke us and so that has time to pass from our hands to others.
Here you see that in brief is impossible to explain what the school is and more so what life is. This is an integer. And this is an integer and unity is a circle. The circle of the world. I want not divide it, but separate the power not of circle, but power that has a talent, help not only adult, but everybody. Help adults and children in one language, the language of nature. I'm about feelings that had all of us. If someone will be able to answer not that I need the answer but will simply notify itself, maybe so we will teach to find, rather then search for. I do not search for, wanted hear what find others, maybe to be glad and share it together, but maybe somebody need the help. I can help not divide your weakness, but separate it in the kind to help where you can not pass. I will give you the help to collect that power, which is necessary for your moment, that you fill this moment and have been able to pass your difficulty and then we made happy each other on the same level that we overcome in our life, that push onward, quietness and silence. Also we fill they with what can not be divided, the indestructible world of peaceful disposition - is an integrity of a circle. It is our gift to be soul and to accept the law of clergy. To wait the same soul, what there are our children from us from our hands, unless it not unity, not a brotherhood, unless does not unify us in a uniform circle? Who hears that not blind in ears and will see that I write. Having read, he will hear that a circle is brotherhood of the worlds. In this brotherhood there can be a stone and water, the ground, sky, and small moment, that are the large sun bringing to us light, warm and in this moment is born the seed. Having got in this circle, in ground germinate the wheat, in the sky flit eagles, birds, pigeons, cloud. So we help each other, someone ripens, he will help and another, as the cloud brings to a meadow water, and the pleasure comes in our house. The god has given the world, and in this world all find itself. A stone - water, pigeon a tree, and the world finds freedom, and I want to help to find and another, that the peace comes and in your house. That it moves together with your leg, and have put on table bread by a hand that gives us the freedom to be full for today.

I wish you that your hands did not lose the force to bring, and that your legs did not lose time in emptiness, and found in this world its place on the ground. This is the open space for all. And let this emptiness to be filled with you, that you have felt your day. The days do not come to end they precede, but the moment when also you can bring up to home not only that bread - it is the warm of the ground, and to bring our heat that not destroy our soul, our flesh, that by a piece we were not divided, and were one whole. When the warm of the world is accepted then also world is accepted in your world, and it accepts yours world, what you value, not by price, not by force of this price, not by that that you have overcome, but with the nature in all. It is when you, having accepted light, feel it. It means that your light breathes and is open. Then we do not speak about force, and about rest and silence, that heats all in this world - PLEASURE. And pleasure is when the mother born the child and the father accept him. It is the family and everyone in his house has likely place for the common father. It is the father of all worlds, all lights, all and all. That has filled by the breath the wonderful world, and the world has accepted with pleasure birth of the soul. How to not thank the God for the creation of all and all? It is impossible to describe a miracle, when your moment is open and when you can help another to find their moments. It is not important the name of this way, it is a way of infinity, and who moves in this way, ploughs the universe and plant peace, where sprout lights, not in grief but in pleasure accepting life. For that you stand that is, and force of a nature, when you can stand near to God praise with light and to be uniform with him, as fire in fire. And it turns out, as the fish lives in water, a bird in the sky, and on ground we live near each other in this world, and it is unity of all worlds. That fool who does not understand life - he has not ripened. What to do? When all plowed, sifted, does not sprout, it is necessary to calm the wind that did not dry the ground that in silence has felt the cup that to someone does not suffice moisture in his moment to grow to the sun. And then goes the gift from heavens and all around turns and changes. The most important in the main moment for plower, when the drops fall, is that seed not only sprouted because it is, but also open from itself, as the drop has opened, for seed a way to grow upwards. And so the seed finds force, and gathered with a drop, opens and move to heat.
So two fires joining, live in the uniform world, and will be a peace to the all world. I wish you the freedom, light and cleanliness in your house, in your temple and all over the world.
Peace for world. The world having accepted the sun will give love to all. It warms everybody and gives hope not that will be, but for that is and we do not lose forces in searches of this love but we find one more world, that it sprouts that we ripened in, and worlds where all of us pulls to light and love, to the father.
I want, that you have understood, that the school is my personal prompting, to open, to help and to strengthen, all that has opened, that then you should can, that will open itself, not to lose it but to find. And that gives you, the possibility to understand what you obtain. And found there is that the gift, that in gift is born, that strengthens and opens the further step, not in searches but in overcoming the difficulties, and that you could resist and feel music of life, about what sing birds and your soul. And when you will receive a lesson from master, he teaches what the life is, and you study to find your place in it. And everyone already shows himself in his talent. And the master directs you on slightly, to that moment when the talent opens to you that you move to the world, to the nature. To feel its indestructibility and then you scoop itself already more what there is an ease from your hands and what there is a force out of your feelings, and thus they gathered and they move not separately but move to the different directions, main move by everything that has gathered them. It is that gift in the man - talent, that he by his sun, soul, has opened the stars, essence of his soul. It is that sprouts upwards and having gathered with the sun of the world, that there is a God, obtain that nature that there is infinity, the emptiness and that is a circle. This connection, force and softness, acceptance of this life, and it you should accept in exchange. Through efforts, difficulties you give back the same softness, same ease. This is light of a brotherhood in everything, it is a nature in our world, it is we and it is universe that holds all worlds. It is the emptiness, in it is filled all and inexistence. It is an infinite way.
At the end I can only tell, so writes Eternal Dragon, I do not want to be praised, but I shall not give up from my word, that infinity is endless, light filled in this world, opens all worlds. It is an immortal symbol, a symbol of a temple of love. The temple is ours uniform world all over the world and in all worlds. This is a circle of infinity of a sphere in dragon hands. It is fire in his heart and his heart is God, and he does not want to be higher than God. I'm only a small particle. But the large heart of fire has accepted also my small light, small heart that does not want to be higher but near it. It also is unity and brotherhood of the father.
It would be desirable to have the schoolboys and in these searches not lose the time, but communicate with the one who firmly stands on legs and brings in his house with his hands the warm that heats souls of closers and natives. It would be desirable to communicate and to be glad that we not alone in this difficult way to plough the universe and to plant a flame of light in all. That seed did not lose the force to resist to drought and to overcome all difficulties, and to find rest. In rest the flame of light is born, and at that moment it finds force to rise upwards. It is the pleasure when on a meadow all growth to light. And we gift with this the rest to father. So we recognize the world. By the gift we help also another. And the world overcomes his difficulties and finds cleanliness.
Light for light, life for life, world for world and all for all. Peaceful disposition to you and successes in all. For children and natives, closers and for everybody.