About the School

    The school of kung-fu "Eternal Dragon" - distributes ancient knowledge based on the laws of a nature. The main direction is the ancient practice "of an Iron wall". Due to this practice the man establishes close power contact to a flow of universe that allows getting unlimited abilities both in spiritual, and in the physical plans.

 Iron Wall

    The iron wall is an ancient art. It was opened only by the one who could in itself knowledge scoop force, instead of stop on it and thus to find force to refuse that force, which was born in scooping. And then, when each time the man found force to scoop, and then found force to refuse that force, in the man was born the constancy, that vital ancient pole, pole of the world, on which is keeping all contrasts and balance of all creation. And when the man did not collide with this, and in one instant became a uniform chain, that means at consciousness level the man not till the end showed an instant of a spark of awakening in this essence. more

 Structure of training

What is a technology - it is a language of the body, that opens the energetic level of our internal condition, and as our condition spills that internal outside and with this we learn natural elements. We find the elements in work with a tree, metal, water, ground and fire. Opening our language of the body, we orient our condition to outlook and through special technology we do not collide with these elements but we learn them. With the help of the master we learn the magic of Nature and the master shows a special course, giving language of the body, knitting the way, and with this technology to join with elements and to open itself.

    The training practice of the "Iron wall" includes:
- The technique of rigid and soft movements
- Special exercises for strengthening sinews and bones structures.
- Work with elements (fire, water, tree, metal, and stone).
- Techniques of meditation and respiratory exercises. more