What it means to give a hand of help?

It is possible to tell something in few words but if we will write a lot about this we will confront with poorly understanding and little believers. They too can be helped; it will be useful for them. The truth is that they will take only those help what can take. And they can take by the internal forces that the man has filled in soul and that has realized. And those people who defend off not trusting in anything, how is possible to help the man against his will. Even if you will help him, he will divide this help into his arrangement, that has understood, that has felt. Even if something has recovered, he will compare it, that it is all prejudices and that at him has passed simply, because has passed. It means that the man has own forces and with them achieves the perfection. It is when he opens the life by the hands, and that can not, he breaks without seeing. It is possible to give the help to man, and his sight will reveal, and then he will understand what breaks and stop. Can be not realized but exist and realized cases, when the man accepts the help and this help helps him to restore the lost health lost forces to hold inside itself illness and from powerlessness to lose time, and the man became blind and does not feel. And then illness covers him.

In few words I have described a small moment, with what the nature and we breathe, that is inside us and outside. Who will have desire to find the help can make steps to us. If is given by the God to help the people why those who can help have not do it openly. Only because it is a lot of deceit around and those who can will collide with deceived. There are psychologists that like magicians put all well, the man trusts all statement, which they put before him, but anyway comes the time, when the help is born and all comes to light inside the man and around him. This world is difficultly but if will not stand in it, those will stay only who deceives also those who shouts that all are liars, but if still exist the nature and the world is born, are born gifted in this world to go for others. That is in the nature it can not be taken away from talent.

It is possible to help the man if he requires the help and wants to receive it. We shall be glad to wait for you, to accept your steps and to help you with others, in health and that health was in yours good luck, that the work breathed also, that you could dress yours children and joy them.