The Essence of The Dragon
The Dragon has multidimensional essence; the mentions about him exist in many ancient mythologies and legends of various antic civilizations. In the most ancient mythology the Dragon represents maximum spiritual force, infinity, divine force of changes and transformations, wisdom and possession of secret knowledge. He symbolizes Wisdom of Chaos, perfection, spiritual revival and immortality. In representations ancient of European civilizations the Dragon is allocated with all power of chaos, he is infinite and worldwide, his divine force is so great, that he participates during creation of the World.
Why such large meaning the ancient gave the Dragon? Blavatskaia gives the following explanation. Before our Earth became egg form, as the universe, the long tail of a space dust, fiery fog moved like a snake in space. The spirit of the God carried above Chaos, was represented by ancients in an image fiery Snake, exhaling fire and light on before the beginning waters. That the space matter has a circle form of the snake that catch his tail, symbolizes not only eternity and infinity, but also spherical form of all formed within the limits of the universe from this fiery fog. In the Chinese symbolism the Dragon is an essence of sacred and worthy reverence, he acts as an honor, noble, immortal essence having maximum wisdom and authority above elements. In East he is the genius both symbol of force and kindness. The Dragon is a spirit of change, and therefore spirit of the life... In east civilizations there was a concept, that Dragon is a condition of war at the moment of war and conducting fight. The Dragon remains by a constant and untouched nobody's nature of space. The Dragon is constant in the nature of space. Any system any saying any sound any movement is not Dragon's essence. The Dragon there is itself Dragon and anybody other. His movement, sound, system is only his nature of Space. When Dragon speaks: ''Show us to whom you are similar. Show us those actions, which at others are similar to yours''. The Dragon answers (if in it there is a sense): ''I have my Space. Others do not have Dragon's teeth''. Also in ancient mythologies many representations about functions carried out by the Dragon were kept. For example, the Dragon phenomenon was considered as a mark of happy changes and was associated with spiritual revival and resurrection. He was also allocated with such functions, as protection and support of a Temple of the God. The Dragon was considered as an essence eternally awake, protecting the people and all nature from evil and demons. He could execute desires and dreams of the man, to cure from illnesses and malicious spirits. By myths and legends the Dragon has given to the people practically all knowledge and skills, which had the inhabitants of ancient civilizations.