The school of cosmoenergetics and spiritual knowledge approaches to the man as to the Divine essence which internal world is complete reflection of the grandiose universe. The given knowledge is directed on development of the man power, on awakening of his latent abilities that conducts to the new world understanding and spiritual growth, helps the man to thought about his place in the life.
The training includes:

- Preparatory stage - the cleaning of the man biofield from negative energies that results in normalization of the psychic and physic condition of the man and increase of genetic and energy protection.
- Transformation of the man - itself deep study and expansion of consciousness that opens to practicing access to direct perception of space power flows.
- Stage of disclosing of the man and connection with the universe flow and further direct creation in it.

The essence of cosmoenergetics

If you read, that there is is knowledge of the Wall, it shows to us what is in us and with this we become in it. Then, showing this step to the nature, we learning it realize the depth of our reason and it shows our outlook our unity and integrity of this world. But when, learning that is around us, making small steps, this step is opened inside us. Seeing the nature miracle we find the wonderful moment inside of us, main is to open it, through the part alive instead of artificial embodiment of our sight. What is artificial - is when we scoop knowledge by reason, but we do not open them inside. It means that we waken forces, which stand for a long time, and we can not feel our forces, but we can tell about other forces. Is good to show other forces but what will show us and what will tell about us, probably that we have not brought it. It is necessary to think, when we speak about some force, that it was showed in him or in something or as, and in us that remained. Only to show, that it was at someone or in some kind as he has realized. But when we will realize as they have opened in their depth the clergy and soul. When we will learn not to teach but to study, not that is taught to us but what we can open ourselves. It is the teacher, your wisdom but not somebody's. Somebody's wisdom helps us to realize that the wisdom exists but we should live with our wisdom. And then will be told about us that they have and what we have in this moment from ourselves. But when we speak about each other, this is echo of generations, is times. And God give forces to everybody to understand, that time is time, which does not divide us but connects in a uniform pole of the world. It is universe in our nature and around of us. And when we can be move up and touch the advanced word creation, we will understand not what Space is but what the breath of the worlds is. We name this cosmoenergetics but in antiquity it where named that the drop of all is anything or all that is. If we do not realize this drop, we do not see our world and so more we do not realize it. And we see ourselves as that anything, but if we open our drop, having learnt the world inside and that surrounds us, we can open our consciousness and to scoop the drop of all worlds. And we do not cease to eulogize the God for this wonderful moment, when we learn all that is and pleases that we are in this. So it is possible to tell in few words, without scientific terms, something about Space. It is the Dragon eyes. It is the Dragon teeth, is Space that Dragon creates itself. Only so it is possible to fly under world creation and to be uniform with it. And the unity also connects them in the uniform world. World for world. Space for space. Desire for desire. From love with love and to love we go. It is hard and infinite way of all universes and who can learn everything, that has learnt one more true, and one more pole. This does not make it near. Who has learnt this pole will feel and will see, that between the God and soul there is no time to be. And there is a time in one instant and this instant is our flesh. And it does not divide us before the God, we are uniform with him. And this unity is that brotherhood to help the stars, small lights to rise up. This is the unity about what all earlier were prayed and with what went. It is a nature of our consciousness, of all souls. It is the world that fills us and we are filled in it. To understand the meaning of meditation work is necessary to learn to understand what nirvana is. Nirvana is the force that you have created it is the moment of your nature and her births. The trance allows us to open fruits of the world and to realize our fruit, which is born from an idea, from desires and aspirations. It is all steps, which open to us the internal condition and in it is necessary to be able to stop, to find rest. If have stopped counterbalanced we slightly will see what is nirvana from our fruits of feelings, ideas and desires. And the drop of infinity will be spilled in us, main that we understand that nirvana is the fruit of our feelings and trance helps us in this condition to open the cup of the worlds and, opening this cup we realize, that this we are. And if we will take force in the hands and can pour it out in the world, the world creation will joy that our soul has found clergy and breathes with infinite light shining with all colors, as the rainbow. This is the fire not dying away. It is the fire of everything. And if we are in this fire, then for us many efforts are not necessary to lift a head and to feel what is all. And create with our desire - our spark and lightning. Open with our skill, talent and gift of desire to be, not to die away but to help another to find clearness. About that speak the stars. They fill the world with light. And the world is filled with the pleasure of souls, and this pleasure is the desire to live. And then our soul also shines up. In the knowledge of cosmoenergetics are many meanings but one meaning is indivisible of it and can not to challenge any dispute. If the teacher has opened has overcome the difficulty to open to another, he will can to give and will help to shine by all worlds colors and will see his color in this world. Have his star. It is the heart of our soul, our feelings. And the soul through our feelings opens to us the uniform spirit. It is the clergy and infinite way. I will be glad to see you if you know how and are able. Many already have learned something; they understand that not only through the telephone is possible to communicate but also through light. If you want, I will be glad. Revolted will resist in your difficulties. Do not worry to come you will leave more sated. I will be glad to help you. I can kneel to weakness. Stop it. I stand for that freedom. And with your freedom you will leave. Sometimes we get acquainted in this way. Peace for all and to peace we go. Love and rest to you, silence and pleasure, compassion to another. Force to not break. Break not others. Do not collide with them. And also do not decline them. Rest for all. And will be the rest in your house and in the world.