About the Center

    The activity of the centre is directed on development of spiritual potential of the society and harmonization of social life by disclosing both perfection of spiritual and physical abilities of the man, restoration of harmony between the man and nature, association of efforts and creative abilities of the people for the decision of actual problems of the modern society.
    At the moment, the center works in the following directions:

Essence of the Dragon

    The Dragon has multidimensional essence; the mentions about him exist in many ancient mythologies and legends of various antic civilizations. more

 Letter of the Dragon

     I shall be glad to accept the schoolboys and I shall be pleased, if simple the people not having desire to study at my school will read my letter. Be not angry it is the first advice. And if want to receive the second advice, without any obligations, you can ask. I shall be glad to help with advice - it means that when two think at the same time they can more easily together overcome the difficulty. more